PCL to PDF/A Software Development SDKs

Welcome! PageTech is the leading supplier of PCL Software Development Kits on the market. Our core technologies are incorporated into PCLTool SDK which can parse, index, split, streamedit, view and convert HP PCL into various raster and vector formats or print to any Windows printer.

PCL to PDF/A transformation technology is available in three PCLTool SDK configurations. The option you choose depends on your application requirements and the composition of your PCL.

PageTech PCL2PDF Exclusives:

  1. In 1993 PageTech, was the first to introduce PCL2PDF for DOS and Windows platforms.

  2. PageTech focuses 100% of its ongoing development efforts on PCL transformation solutions. Most other vendors with PCL to PDF products are more focused on AFP, Metacode or PostScript transforms. They are not fully committed to their PCL product line.

  3. PageTech is the author and original licensor of it's various PCL transformation technologies to OEM's and private label resellers. Several vendors selling PCL2PDF products are actually OEM's and cannot adapt or enhance their third party solution to your custom requirements.

  4. PageTech is the only vendor that can convert download HP bitmap fonts into embedded scalable TrueType typefaces when converting to vector/text/raster PDF's. This means we do not have to convert to a raster PDF just because the PCL contains custom download bitmap fonts that cannot be matched to available Windows True Type or Acrobat Multiple Master fonts in the Reader. Thus, we can create a small, fast and text searchable PDF - where others have to convert to a large, slow PDF.

  5. When we do have to convert to a raster PDF. We can make it text searchable by underlaying the text under the raster image of each page. And, PCL2PDF is the ONLY PRODUCT that can take advantage of the benefits of converting to JBIG2 compressed raster PDF's. JBIG2 is 30% the size of TIFF Group IV raster.

PCLTool SDK - Option III

Option III (PCL2PDF) provides the straight, pass-through conversion of PCL into PDF & PDF/A. Option III does not provide the use of PCLXForm's script language functionality.

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PCLTool SDK - Option IV

Option IV ("PCL2ANY") provides the straight, pass-though conversion of PCL into PDF, PDF/A, and other formats such as TIFF, PNG, EMF, WMF, PMF, PCX, DCX, BMP and ASCII text. Option IV does not provide the use of PCLXForm's script language functionality.

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PCLTool SDK - Option V

Option V (PCL2ALL) is our most powerful product, providing full access to all of our TPT (Transformation Parameter Table) scripting functions to transform complex PCL printstreams into all supported formats.

Option V takes advantage of functions that will extract text for bursting documents, derive the individual output PDF file naming convention, index key extraction and other advanced transformation functions.

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PCLCodes Web Service

The PCLCodes web service parses HP PCL3 through PCL6 and PCL XL. It disassembles each Escape code (or, PCL XL Operator) into readable English for debugging and analysis.

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